StratEx automates employment services and empowers employees.

  • For small-to-mid-sized businesses, startups and companies with lean resources, StratEx is an online ecosystem to manage HR issues – from application to employment, payroll to PTO, and everything in between.
  • For HR professionals at large companies with challenging employment issues, StratEx delivers targeted automation that accelerates workflow and processes that are labor-intensive and difficult to scale.

Guided by a philosophy to always do the right thing, the right way, our employees are empowered to advocate for clients. We fearlessly challenge broken conventions to provide a friction-free working experience. When they choose StratEx, clients gain an indispensible partner and provider to help them perform at the highest level.


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StratEx was founded in 2001 to address concerns facing every employer – including Government Regulations, Insurance, Employee Risk, Reward and Retention. We are HR professionals with a simple goal – create a friction-free way to manage the entire employee lifecycle.
The eStratEx™ technology platform is second to none. With it, employers of any size from any industry get a paperless way to manage payroll, human resources and benefits. eStratEx™ scales with your business, and offers secure web-based access from virtually anywhere.
eStratEx™ is 100% paperless, from Applicant-to-COBRA. The platform is highly customizable, so you can adapt it to your workflow. It integrates with existing systems, and features a robust reporting engine and survey tool. eStratEx™ lets you completely replace legacy HR files and forms.
With StratEx, you get both the partnership and the platform to help your company thrive – to Automate, Mitigate and Manage the entire employee lifecycle – from Applicant-to-COBRA, and everything in between.

Why Businesses
Choose StratEx

StratEx automates tedious business processes to streamline HR, Payroll and Benefits Management, so companies can improve employee relations and focus on their own core competencies.

With StratEx as your partner, you dramatically reduce:

  • Likelihood of lawsuits or non-compliance fines
  • Poor hiring decisions & employee turnover
  • Time spent servicing employment issues

eStratEx™ gives paperless control to your HR and management teams, which greatly increases:

  • Employee productivity
  • Business innovation
  • Return on investment
“As CEO of a small business, I wear many hats – HR is one of them – but it can’t be the most important one all the time. StratEx helps me manage my time and my employees in a seamless and effortless way – so everyone wins. That’s the kind of partnership we really need.”

George Simkins | CEO, Vis-à-vis Creative

“Before we partnered with StratEx, we were drowning in paperwork and throwing bodies at every problem. It wasn’t working. Now, by utilizing eStratEx™, our employees are more engaged, our managers are accountable and our HR team is freed up to focus on the stuff that makes us special.”

Marcus Easter | CFO, Food For Thought